You have the power to select your electricity pricing strategy

deregulated markets map SMBe informed!

In a deregulated energy market or state, you can lower your electricity costs by as much as 30% by allowing energy companies to compete for your business. Our professional associates will gather information regarding your electricity consumption, budgeting needs, and risk tolerance to develop a recommended electricity energy strategy.

The choice is yours and each year you have the flexibility to re-evaluate the strategy and options we offer with periodic energy updates. If you opt to change plans, the switch is easy with no interruption of service. Fixed priced, index priced options, or a combination of the two. We remain your point of contact for billing questions no matter who your supplier is.

Why National Energy Network?

No Contract and Month to Month options for up to 5 years

  • Full Index – Power supplied at prices that are based upon dynamic wholesale market prices. This is ideal for companies who are risk tolerant or can reduce power consumption at times of higher prices. We can work with you and convert the strategy into a fixed priced strategy once it reaches your designated price.
  • Variable Index – To hedge against electricity price increases, or take advantage of a price drop, partial load offers a blend of fixed and indexed (market-based) strategies for a diversified risk-management strategy based on your budgeting preferences.
  • Fixed Load – Budget stability in your energy costs by reducing your exposure to market volatility. Fixed price contracts are available based on your historical usage patterns and contracted volume. We evaluate your energy use patterns and offer a competitive fixed rate for the length of the contract.